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Working with me is a photography experience like no other! I strive to make the experience fun for everyone joining in on the session, combining the photographic styles of photojournalism and posed photography allows me to capture clients in a pure and beautiful way that showcases their natural beauty. I love making sessions as fun and stress-free as possible, even if it means playing games during our time together.

I love meeting new people and hearing the unique stories every individual brings! The raw giggling smiles that melt your heart are the amazing images I truly love capturing for you to enjoy for years to come. My clients know without a doubt by the end of the session I put my heart and soul into every photograph I take and love the entire experience. 

What do I love most about my work?
Working with me
My clients love...

"I don’t shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like."


Previous clients have raved about my sweet personality and ninja skills behind the camera resulting in photographs they never imagined they would be able to hold onto for a lifetime. Parents are always telling me prior to their sessions “good luck” with their energetic children, so I love watching the surprise on their faces after viewing the photographs taken that captured the energetic innocence of their children. Clients are left blown away and eager to book their next family session. 

What sparked my love for photography?

I’ve always had an eye for detail and a very creative side much like my brother and my mom! I think what truly sparked my passion for photography was my grandfather’s photographs that he captured while serving in the military! There was something so raw and beautiful about the images he took. I knew from that point that I wanted to be the person behind the lens, capturing that raw moment in time, making other people have those same feelings of looking at something so beautiful! From there, High school provided me with a solid foundation and understanding of photography and the way not only digital photography and digital processing works but what it is like to work with real 55mm film photography and developing the images I captured; in the darkroom… just like my grandfather!  


2010 was the year I added gas to the fire, so they say! It started with one friend needing senior pictures, then another friend looking for couples pictures, before I knew it I was taking pictures of everyone and everything! 


Flash forward seven years, what feels like a million photographs and a huge portfolio later I launched my LLC. The last few years have been nothing short of specular, I’ve had the joy of working with so many amazing clients and growing my business to new and exciting levels! There will always be a love for photography that will forever grow. It is truly my desire to serve you with beautiful photographs and a wonderful experience from start to finish.


That depends on whom you ask! I knew from a young age that I wanted to be my own boss.  The idea of creating my own workday and be in charge of myself was something I’ve always had my mindset on. My mom always said I walked to the beat of my own drum and was determined to keep up with my brothers no matter how little I was. If you ask my preschool teacher, Mrs. McGuire, she will tell you I had the gift of gabber and was destined to spend my life talking and working with people. Needless to say, I think we were all on the same page. Ultimately, it came down to a few friends needing this amazing service I was able to provide them with. If you don’t believe me, they are still hanging up in their homes where they cherish them every day! 

"What a privilege it is to be your photographer!"

This is the question I am always asked. I can never pick just one session I love more than another! Each session has its own unique thing about it that makes me love photography more and more. Like Seniors for example are young and full of this amazing energy with big dreams they can’t wait to follow. Sometimes it's contagious the way they are so energetic! There are newborn sessions, filled with snuggles and sweet moments that melt my heart and fill my eyes with tears. Then there are weddings, where I spend all day crying like a baby because nothing is more beautiful than two people madly in love promising to spend forever together! And then I spend weeks editing and crying my eyes out…again. I tend to think my job title should be Cry Master, not Photographer - it’s hard not to when you capture so many beautiful moments for people!

Why a photography business?
What is my favorite thing to photograph?

Wisconsin-born and raised, I spent summer days outside, running around all day and catching fireflies all night till my dad was calling me inside! I loved the simple beauty that I found while traveling the state with my family! We spent a lot of time up North camping! Growing up as the little sister of two brothers, you learn fast how to be tough and how to hang with the guys! As much as I love being from Wisconsin and traveling this beautiful state, the travel bug has got a hold of me! I love exploring the country and seeing all of the amazing things America has to offer! During the “off-season” you can find me exploring the country with my two favorites!

  • Jordan is the eyes behind the lens, while Chad is the muscles behind J. Tay Photography, LLC
  • We love being dog parent to Marni

  • We’ve had the same best friends for half of our lives

  • Chad is an avid outdoorsman

  • Jordan is your typical lady with far too many shoes

  • We both love to travel and cook

  • If we didn't have a photography business, we would own a farm-fresh restaurant 

A little more about me

I love this business with everything I have and I am so grateful for each and every client that has stepped in front of my lens! I promise there are many more years and so many more amazing photographs I cant wait to take!

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