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Session Advice

Tips for Senior Sessions: Plan your session the Spring or Summer before your senior year starts! Most deadlines are due the first month or two back! Wanting a Fall session but don’t want to miss the cut-off? Check out The Senior Series, that a great way to have your entire senior year captured! 


Tips for Maternity Sessions: Plan your session between the 5-8 month mark! You’ll have a belly to show off as well as being comfortable enough to move around! 


Tips for Newborn Sessions: They will more than likely go potty while on set! Don’t worry about that! The best advice is to plan your session as close to nap time as possible, That way when they arrive they are ready to snuggle up for their session!  


Tips for Family, Children & Pet Sessions:

For the kids: Try to plan your session around your schedule! Don’t let your session interrupt nap time or mealtime, I want them to be able to focus on the session and the games we will be playing!

For the dogs: Bring treats, toys, or magical words, whatever gets their heads to tilt!

For The Parents: Don’t stress about making the perfect picture, that's my job! Have a good time and enjoy your session! Feel Free to bring a friend or family member to help hold the dog or coats while we are snapping! 


Tips for Engagements & Couples Sessions: Pick outfits that reflect your personality that your feel comfortable in. Try to choose clothes that complement each other without being too matchy-matchy! Don’t be afraid to wear layers it gives you a quick and easy way to have multiple looks without needing a full outfit change! Always bring at least one outfit that is a bit bolder than what you normally wear! It always adds a nice variety to your session!


Tips for ALL: Keep the season in mind, it seems a bit obvious but checks the forecast, prepare yourself for the weather that day and wear the appropriate attire! I suggest having between 2-4 outfits to pick from or change into. Most importantly enjoy your session! I embrace all the hiccups along the way! The best part of my job is showing the world a true side of you! I always have new ideas and games to get you interacting flawlessly!

Wedding Tips

  • Relax and enjoy every moment of your special day! 

  • It’s more than just a day at the office for me, the images we capture that day are the first photographs of the rest of your life. 

  • Want a send-off picture? I'm calling this “The Sending the Photographer Home”! Get that awesome exciting part and get back to the party! Everyone gets to be involved, you get your dream shot, and there's still time to party!

  • We should be friends! If you not comfortable with me and the goofiness that comes with my photography skills, then we won't work out! For these to be the best photographs you have to be 100% comfortable and confident that you are going to have the best experience and best outcome! The most important thing is that you trust me to capture your big day!  Knowing that whatever may happen we will roll with the punches of the day and make the most of it, even if it rains on your wedding day!

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