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Gift Certificates

I provide the opportunity to supply a special someone with a personalized session that they will enjoy for years to come. I offer a variety of sessions from family to portraits and proposals. Gift certificates are available at any time!

Photography Sessions

At J. Tay Photography, I strive to make each session a memorable experience. Outside of the wedding packages, each session is on average one hour in length. I encompass both the photographic styles of photojournalism and posed photography which allows me to capture the purity and beauty in a way that showcases the individuality of each client. Each and every session with J. Tay Photography, LLC encompasses the input of each client. What differentiates yourself from others that you would like incorporated in your session; tell me what makes you perfect! These unique details will help us set the scene for any session, all while getting to know each other! I aim to build and maintain relationships to provide custom sessions thrust ones journey. I hope to collaborate my style of photography and business process to meet your needs!


Portraits  |  $237.38 - $257.38

Each portrait session is individualized to showcase what you are all about. As each session is unique, it can be utilized in numerous ways such as professional headshots, transformations, etc. These sessions portray a passion which is captured within a series of photographs.

Senior Portraits  |  $184.63 -$204.63

Each Senior Session is customized with personal touches such as scenery, props, style, vehicles, sports, animals, etc. These additions allow me to capture individualized interests to portray each senior in a unique way; no two are alike!


Senior Series  |  $785.98 - $805.98

The Senior Series is a unique way to capture special moments throughout the senior year with a set of four sessions; Summer Session, Fall Session, Winter Session, Spring Session, Graduation Session or a Bestie Session! These sessions highlight that bright personality that will be carried through the year. If choosing the Senior Series, discussion begins with collaboration regarding ideas and themes for each of the four sessions. Sessions are focused on interests to portray passions during this stage in life!

Boudior  |  $237.38 - $257.38

A Boudoir Session is an ideal way to show affection, intimacy, romance and anything else in mind for that special someone. These photo shoots are a great way to embrace that confidence and beauty!

Maternity  |  $237.38 - $257.38

The primary focus of the Maternity Session is to show off that precious gift of life! Let this session capture the early stage of a new adventure.  is an honor to be apart of this miracle and to help tell the story of a precious beginning. Consider bringing stuffed animals, shoes, ultrasounds and more! I suggest scheduling this session when the baby bump is noticeable while still having the ability to move around and enjoy this opportunity.

Fresh 48  |  $290.13 - $310.13

These sessions are designed to capture those first days with your newest addition; the sweet, simple and raw moments. The Fresh 48 is planned prior to the new arrival and can encompass the hours of labor and delivery, the first breath or up to 48 hours after the arrival. Let’s embrace the whirlwind of emotions during this memorable moment!

Newborn  |  $237.38 - $257.38

This option captures each and every detail of your new bundle of joy; after all, they never stay that little! While capturing the new addition, I suggest incorporating particulars regarding time of birth, weight, date, etc.

Womb to One Series  |  $785.98 - $805.98

The Womb to One Series is an all-in-one package for parents to be! This series is a set of four different sessions; a Maternity Session,  a Newborn Session and a One Year Session are already included. The forth session is chosen specifically for your needs; an Announcement Session, a Grandparents Session, a Gender Reveal Session or A First 48 Hour Session to complete the series. The Womb to One Series is a remarkable opportunity that provides photographs throughout the first year. These images are a visual representation to be viewed during one’s lifespan!

Life Events  |  $184.63 - $283.75

Life is a journey filled with moments meant to be captured for a lifetime! J. Tay Photography offers services for all events from proposals, to the purchase of a new home, baby showers to a gender reveal or even a celebration.

Children  |  $237.38 - $257.38 

In the blink of an eye, your sweet bundle of joy has somehow grown over night! Time flies by so fast and your children grow even faster. What better way is there to recall these moments other than a session that captures these in real time to showcase their personalities and interests, year after year?!

Pets  |  $237.38 - $257.38

If you’re anything like me, your pet is way more than just a pet, they are a member of your family, which means it is just as important to make great memories with them too! A Pet Session depicts the special bond between you and your fur child that will last a lifetime.

Family  |  $290.13 -$468.37

A Family Session is meant to encompass and display the energy that is instilled when around those you love! Each session is customized through visualization of emotional connections, scenery, props, attire, animals, etc. Family means no one gets left behind, so let's show everyone who your family truly is and what they’re about. The time frame and the prices range based on the type of family session desired!

Business Photography  |  $237.38 - $626.62

In this shoot, it is important to display each and every business differently. By using various approaches, whether that be an architectural still capture of the building, posed group, product or even candid active working shots, this shoot is the perfect way to advertise your business!

Couples & Engagements |  $290.13 - $257.38

Love is blissful and beautiful. With my couples sessions, I enjoy capturing the magic of the relationship at hand. Showing off the emotion intertwined and what you love about each other is my specialty when it comes to engagement sessions. Even that big moment that every little girl dreams of is the day that the love of her life asks to spend forever together! Since she’s been dreaming of this day for years, Let's make her dreams come true! Each of these sessions are unique and very different from each other, Once we talk we can plan out the perfect details to showcase your love!Couple and Engagement Sessions capture the magic within the relationship, showcasing the emotions and interests intertwined; love is bliss, beautiful and captivating! Each session is unique and different to each couple, so represent what fits best.



Watch Me Grow Film  |  $279.58- $299.58

The Watch Me Grow Film can be added onto any of the above session options! This is a way to capture moments and messages in a video format. This film can highlight moments from an ultrasounds to the first breath or even until the first birthday while glorifying the emotions experienced.

Love Story Film  |  $279.58- $299.58

Watching your love for each other unwind on film added a new twist! Each short film will highlight the raw emotions felt between two lovers in a new and romantic way.


Old Family Film  |  $279.58- $299.58

This short film option is a unique way to highlight life’s adventures. Take this opportunity to relive special moments that arrive within your family’s journey.

Business Film  |  $279.58- $299.58
Whether it is showing off the company members, a new product or showcasing the structure, let J. Tay Photography show a new side of your business to the customers. Each session is customized to fit each businesses needs!
Wedding Videography  |  $1,602.50

Capture the best day of your life in motion and all the details it has to offer! Much like the photography packages, The Wedding Video will be returned digitally in two formats. J. Tay Photography, LLC also offers this option for your entire day from start to finish.



Congratulations on your engagement! I am so excited your thinking about having me be your go to girl for the day! Much like finding your perfect match, I find it very important that we are a great match too! Before we start talking about all of the wedding details, I always like to get to know you and your fiancé better! Let’s grab a coffee or a shot of tequila! We will spend sometime talking about you and your love before we can talk about your vision for your wedding as well as what I can all offer you!


All of the wedding packages J. Tay Photography, LLC offers include a full day of photography coverage by yours truly, from getting ready, to the ceremony and reception every detail big or small is beautifully captured for you! Each wedding is customized by you! You get to pick which package and which add on you would like for your big day! Each wedding day and couple is unique and enjoys their own style and my goal is to showcase that! After we spend the night dancing away and a good reboot, I post a sneak peek posted on J. Tay Photography,LLC Facebook page and a few after you receive your final photographs and are able to relive your beautiful day first! All of the finished photographs will be available to you on a high resolution online gallery as well as in a custom made package! Each wedding package includes USB with printing rights.

Petite Package  |  $369.25

iThe Petite Package is for clients looking to have their simple and sweet ceremony captured, followed by newlywed photographs to further enhance their special day! This packages includes two hours of photography coverage.

Click Package  |  $916.75

iThe Click Package is the best of both worlds for those couples on a budget! This is designed for smaller courthouse style weddings. This package includes four hours of photography coverage to include the intimate ceremony. Time allows for personalized photographs!

Shutter Speed Package  $1,813.50

The Shutter Speed Package includes nine hours of photography. These hours will capture pre-ceremony details, the ceremony itself, and majority of the reception.

Focal Point Package  |  $2,130.00

The Focal Point Package includes an Engagement Session and ten hours of photography coverage on the Wedding Day. Engagement sessions are traditionally one hour in length and include two locations chosen by the couple. These one hour sessions are typically taken six months to a year before the wedding.

Depth of Field Package  |  $2,630.00

iThe Depth of Field Package includes an Engagement Session, ten hours of photography coverage on the Wedding Day and as a bonus, the couple can choose another session which can be scheduled today or within a year from the wedding date.

Wedding Add-Ons


Second Shooter  |  $600.00

As an additional option for all wedding packages, J. Tay Photography, LLC can also provide a second photographer to join all day!

Extra Time  |  $100.00/hour

Each package has the option to add on extra time to the wedding day!

Snap Film  |  $500.00

This add-on film specifically covers the ceremony. It is an option to order this package along with any of the options listed (Petite, Click, the Shutter Speed, Focal Point or the Depth of Field Package) which then incorporates an extra pair of hands! If choosing only the Snap Videography.

Optimal Film  |  $1,300.00

This film package allows nine full hours of motion coverage in addition to one of the following Wedding Packages (Shutter Speed, Facial Point or Depth Field).

Information overload! If you're still reading, it is my desire to serve you with beautiful photographs and a wonderful experience from start to finish. All wedding dates are available on a first come first serve basis. Complete wedding pricing is available, once availability is determined. Some restrictions or travel fees may apply regarding the locations desired. I am happy to discuss any ideas and answer any questions you may have.