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About Jordan

Hi! I'm Jordan, the owner of J. Tay Photography, LLC!

I'm a Natural Light Photographer based out of Sullivan, WI. I've been taking photographs professionally for 12 years and as a passion for 16 years. I started my business with the number one goal to provide beautiful life moment photographs for everyone for a reasonable price.


Wisconsin-born and raised, I spent summer days outside, running around all day and catching fireflies all night 'til my dad was calling me inside. I loved the simple beauty that I found while traveling the state with my family! We spent a lot of time camping in the north woods.


Growing up as the little sister of two brothers, you learn fast how to be tough and how to hang with the guys. As much as I love being from Wisconsin and traveling this beautiful state, the travel bug has gotten a hold of me! I love exploring the country and seeing all of the amazing things America has to offer. My husband, Chad, and I got married in 2019, then in 2022 our family grew to include our baby boy, William, and fur baby, Odin James. This means during the “off-season” you can find me exploring the country with my three favorite boys.

I want to be the person who captures those precious life moments and provides you with photos to cherish for a lifetime! My number two goal for my business is to always keep growing and learning new things. I love new ideas and pushing my talents to the limit.

How did you find your spark?

Though my family would say it was meant to be, given my attention to detail, my heart knows I found this passion through my grandfather’s photographs captured during his military service. There was something so raw and beautiful about the images he took. I knew from that discovery on, I wanted to be the person behind the lens: capturing raw moments in time and providing other people those same feelings of looking at moments so beautiful! From there, high school provided me with a solid foundation and understanding of photography. It gave ne the opportunity to conceptualize how, not only, digital photography and digital processing work but also what it's like to work with real 55mm film photography. My favorite skill became developing the images I captured in the darkroom… just like my grandfather!  


Let's Capture Your Story

I love this business with everything I have and I am so grateful for each and every client that has stepped in front of my lens! I promise there are many more years and so many more amazing photographs I can't wait to take!

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